Snorkeling the Barrier Reef

The Belize barrier reef is listed as one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, made up of over 100 coral species and home to some 500 species of fish and hundreds of invertebrates. Scattered along the 170 mile living coral reef are nearly 200 small islands, or cayes, some just sandy specks and others containing fresh water wells and their own remarkable mini ecosystems.

While in Belize an experience on the reef is a must! The snorkeling will stop at 3-4 locations on the reef and includes water, lunch and snorkeling gear.

Bring: Sunscreen, Sun glasses, Hat, Swimwear & Towel, Sweater (for the return trip).
How far away: 10 min from Alternate Adventures office
Start time: Leaves 8:30 a.m.
Tour Duration: 5-7 hours.

Sea Kayak Rental

Discover Hopkins in a different way...from the coastline. Launch from the beach across the street from our office and take a leisurely paddle along the coast of Hopkins.

If you would like to explore the 'wilder side of Hopkins' head north until you reach the opening to the lagoon, where you might see multiple birds, iguanas and much more.

For the more adventurous, if you go south you can reach the entrance to Sittee River and make your way up river but be careful as to how far you go as you will have to paddle against the current on your way back down the river.

Bring: Sunscreen, Sun glasses, Hat, Swimwear & Towel, Camera
How far away: Departure from Alternate Adventures office
Start time: When it suis you!
Tour Duration: half/full day

Bioluminecense Night Tour

Discover the serenity of this majestic river after dark. You might be surprised by how quiet and still things are after the sun goes down. Your tour will begin as you board the boat from the banks of beautiful Sittee River and meet your guide, our local 'Crocodile Dundee'. From there you will make your way up the river exploring the true Belizean nightlife!

Have your camera ready and keep a sharp eye for all the nocturnal wildlife and be on the lookout for those reflective eyes... they are watching you!

Bring: Camera, Insect repellant, Flashlight, Sweater
How far away: 10 min drive from Alternate Adventures office
Start time: 5:45 p.m
Tour Duration: 2-3 hours.